The ease & simplicity

to integrate zniper

360 Customer Hub

integrates into any platform to ensure intelligent player marketing with dynamic segmentations and fully customizable actions.



"Plug and Play" integration! Make use of our simple end points to connect to your systems (data sources, mass communication systems, social media platforms)



Complex doesn't have to be complicated! Build powerful micro-segments using from basic to advanced criteria and a "drag and drop" interface that your 5 year old would love to use.



Create your own communication content! Design it, personalize it, send it.



Build fully automated flows! Tell us when, to whom, what and how and leave the repetitive actions execution to us.



Understand your business! Use system dashboards or create your own, to read into your business health and your actions results.



Have a timeline overview of all marketing initiatives. You can start, pause and resume automation flows from the calendar

Dynamic Micro Segments

Build dynamic segments based on behavior, interests, preferences, value and demographics to facilitate relevant interaction with each player.

“Embrace diversity.

Respect individualism.”

A better compose

Use the fast, easy-to-use and powerful segment composer. New drag and drop interface puts you back in control to build segments on any relevant datapoint.

Fast Integration

Simple and non-intrusive data integration gets business users active from day one. Have access to all available customer data without minding the technical whereabouts.

“Keep all data at one location.

Maintain your single point of truth.”

Simple connect

Map your existing data storage and get started instantly. Zniper operates on any relational database system. No data replications, redundant storage or heavy ETL processes.

“Connect & get operational within a day.”

SQL Server







Custom messaging

Ensure each client receives engaging and relevant communication at the right timing. Reach out for your clients via email, SMS or post to social media.

Targeted promotions

Connect to your promotion system to send your customers appropriate discounts for their preferred content.

Automated flows

Build automation flows to cut out manual workflows in customer marketing. Focus your time on effective communication and growing your business.

“Focus on value creation”

Monitor performance

Access a rich set of standard dashboards to measure success of every action. You can even build and share custom performance dashboards based your company’s own KPI definitions.

“Everything you understand you can understand better!”

Take action right from the calendar

Focus on performance and take direct action. Use the calendar to create new campaigns and start, stop and resume existing ones.

Why try?

Zniper has been ranked first among peers when it comes to ease of integration, flexibility of segmentation and connectivity to other apps. Contact us for a free trial.

Ease of integration
Segmentation flexibility
Connectivity to other apps

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"We are drowning in information while starving in wisdom. Hence, the world will be driven by people that put together the right information at the right time."

O. E. Wilson